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Which Career For Me Student

Self career coaching for young people (16-25)

WCFM Student Allows students of all ages to prepare  career planning and explore their professional interests, motivations, skills of the future, strengths, mindset, job list and company styles

Key points

Average completion time

40 minutes


Professional interests

Key motivations

Skills of the future



Company styles

Job list

Available modules

Career planning 

introduction videos

Videos to help you understand your results and to-do exercises to help you reflect on your results

Personalized advice to help you improve the skills you want to further develop

The career planning process

"Being able to visualize your goals, strengths and values and getting occupation suggestions was very valuable and important especially when moving forward beyond Year 12." 

Year 12 student

"Motiva is incredibly reputable with its algorithm and how it’s been developed."

Rachel Curtis - Program Coordinator

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