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Who Are We

We live our passion

There is no talent without motivation

We are a social enterprise whose vocation is to help everyone become motivated and successful talent.

A human adventure and a long friendship that began 25 years ago around a coffee machine at the CNRS (The French National Center for Scientific Research) with the desire to focus on the Human side in Human Resource.

Prof. Zwi Segal and Yves Duron concretize this desire by creating one of the first computerized tools in psychology (Limef), then explore with Professor Michael Porter (Harvard Business School) how to strengthen the link between business strategies and human resources.

After ten years of business consulting and academic leadership in the field of human resources and digital transformation, the need to better address motivation at work is required.

Key dates









Launch of My motivation. 

Pearson / Giotto partnership in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe

Which career for me in French

Motiva used during Covid to help people in Great Britain

Launch of  Motiva solutions in Australia and southeast Asia

Motiva wins the Be.digit award: best platform for assessing and/or improving well-being at work.
Launch of Which Career For Me in Italian

APEC (The National Association for the Employment of Managers) selected  Motiva Individual to be its leading career solution for the french managers.

Launch of Motiva

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