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Which Career For Me Professional

Assessment and career coaching

WCFM Professional is a career planning tool designed for HR professionals, psychologists and coaches who want to help their clients make the right professional choices and build stimulating and fulfilling careers.

Thanks to its complete formula, WCFM Professional gives access to information related to someone’s interests, motivations, needs, values, skills, and previous professional experiences.

Key points

Average completion time

25 minutes

- Accessible via the Motiva platform

- Videos to help the candidate understand their results


Professional interests

Actionable interests

Key motivational drivers

Motivational satisfaction 

Job list

Career path simulation

Motivational anchors

Professional styles

Company styles 

Available results modules

Key results Profile of professional interests - Profile of Actionable interests - Profile Key motivational drivers and motivational satisfaction

Decision support Fit level towards more than 2550 jobs - more than 350 new jobs - Interactive career path simulator

- At least 5 job description links per profession

- Links towards O*NET and ESCO database

- Job description links tailored for each country (US/UK/Australia)

The process


Get your personal Motiva Back Office (after 2 days of certification training)


Send an invitation by mail to the candidate


The candidates receive a link which redirects him/her to the questionnaire


You are alerted by mail when the candidate is finishing the questionnaire


As soon as the questionnaire has been completed, the results are presented in two dedicated spaces: one for the candidate (Key results with tutorial videos) and one for the consultant (full results)

"I use it for career guidance, skills assessment, coaching, and I am very satisfied with it because it is superior in every way to the tests of motivation and professional interest present on the market up to now" 

Laurence Mallet, coach
L.A. Consulting

"Motiva is a wonderful and powerful tool. It captures the important individual values needed for a person to make career choices, but also to stay motivated in their organization and develop their skills through these values. I recommend this recent tool, which is essential for well-being and work performance."

Laurence de Raet
I/O Psychologist and coach

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