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Motiva Job crafting

Engagement, talent retention, well-being at work

Prioritize employee engagement with Motiva Job Crafting. This solution assesses the satisfaction of key motivations and provides practical guidance to enhance workplace well-being. Attract and retain talent by implementing a motivation-centered approach. This self-service solution empowers your team members to reshape their work to align better with their motivations. This method enables proactive actions to enhance your team members' professional experience.

Key points

Average completion time

10-15 minutes

Available on a self-serve basis and can be accessed via the Motiva platform or company's website


Key Motivations

Motivational satisfaction

Motivational needs

Available results modules

Key results Key motivations profile and their satisfaction as well as motivational needs profile

Videos to help you understand your results 

Personalized advice to help you improve your motivational satisfaction

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Videos explaining key concepts and results

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Personalized tips to help candidates improve their motivation

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Motivational needs

The process

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