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My Motivation

Engagement survey, Key motivations, motivational satisfaction, motivational needs, onboarding, talent retention, team motivation

Transform the dynamics of a team or organization with My Motivation, the essential engagement survey tool to identify the origins of demotivation and implement effective solutions. Mobilize all team members by targeting key motivational levers and self-awareness. Get a complete motivational map to improve team satisfaction, optimize performance and prevent turnover. Choose the scenario and corresponding method (group workshop, individual coaching or self-service) best suited to your needs: team motivation, job crafting, interviewing, onboarding, recruitment.

Key points

Average completion time

10 minutes

Available on a self-serve basis and can be accessed via the Motiva platform or company's website


Key motivations

Motivational satisfaction 

Motivational needs

Engagement (optional)

Available results modules

Key results Key motivations profile, motivational satisfaction, motivational needs profile and engagement profile (optional)

Videos to help you understand your results 

Personalized advice to help you improve your motivational satisfaction and engagement

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Videos explaining key concepts and results

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 11.00.39.png

Personalized tips to help candidates improve their motivation

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Personal action guide

The process


Get your personal Motiva Back Office (after 2 days of certification training)


Send an invitation by mail to the candidate (The candidates receive a link redirecting him/her to the questionnaire My Motivation) 


As soon as the questionnaire has been completed, the results are presented in two dedicated spaces: one for the candidate (Key results with tutorial videos) and one for the consultant (full results)


Depending on the scenario you chose, the corresponding facilitation kit is provided to run a workshop with the group : group results, facilitation method and Powerpoint, exercise sheet and personalized development guide for each participant (3h).

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"My Motivation collects information comparable to a team well-being review. These shared elements then enable managers and employees to work together to build fulfilling and stimulating solutions within the team." 

Julie LECOUTRE - I/O Psychologist & Professional Coach, Firm manager HAPPY HAPPEN

"My Motivation mobilizes all employees. The results enable us to focus the discussion around dissatisfied key motivational factors, so that we can quickly identify what is dysfunctional for employees, and get them to express their sources of motivation and de-motivation, as well as the corrective actions they need to take."

Jean-Marc PERRIN - Quality of Life at Work Expert Consultant, Ayming

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