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Motiva's job database

+ 2550 codified jobs according to interests, motivations and strengths to develop in the position

All emerging new jobs are regularly added to the database

5+ job description link per job

Job database linked to  ESCO (skills classification base) and Faethm (AI skills forecast system)

2500 video links (testimonies, documentaries...)

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The job database is regularly updated with new jobs entering the job market

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A few examples of new jobs in Motiva's database

Esport Coordinator

AI Consultant

IoT (Internet of things) developer

Lead game designer

Professional blogger

Coach Instagram

Urban Farmer

XR (Extended Reality) Developer

Drone Pilot


Sustainable mobility officer

Crypto trader

Prompt Engineer AI

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Online reputation Manager

Ethical Hacker

Videogame writer

VR Director (Virtual Reality)

Digital Health Project Manager


Ecomobility Consultant

Data ethics officer

Pro Gamer

Pet sitter

Home stager

Character designer

Virtual reality Designer

Digital detox therapist

Web art Director

Web quality Manager

Image Consultant

Virtual Assistant

Environmental Designer


Olivia Gerardin, Employment and Training Consultant

Motiva's job database enables us to quickly identify a person's profile and to start thinking about the most suitable job for them. I also use the tool to validate previously discussed elements, and to help candidates define their career plans by suggesting appropriate jobs.


Feedback from Motiva users has been positive, and I am committed to supporting them in their search, in particular by exploring the job database to find the job that best matches their profile and aspirations.

sabine bataille.jpg

Sabine Bataille, Consultant, RPBO network

A fantastic tool developed by French teams for teenagers, but also for adults questioning their career transition and career planning. In the RPBO network, we handle post-burnout career transition. Our customers appreciate our exploratory approach to both managerial and more manual occupations, as well as those involving traditional skills.

Combining the RPBO method with the MOTIVA test guarantees success, even after a career accident or the need to retrain employees with disabilities. In short, it's a great tool to help you choose the right career path and stabilize your mental load by rediscovering the meaning of work. Congratulations


Sabine Dalboussière, Motiva Coordinator for APEC

Motiva offers a real asset compared to other tests: it provides a quick and easy link to job descriptions, associated training courses and sometimes even job offers...

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