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Motiva Team

Team motivation

Download the presentation of Motiva Team/Leadesrhip

Can a company be successful without motivated and engaged teams? Everyone knows the answer.

The real question is how to maintain and develop team motivation.

In a context of career uncertainty, changes and tensions in the workplace, traditional approaches to boosting the team such as bonuses, challenges, team-building sessions, etc. have lost their effectiveness. Indeed, these approaches are usually effective with members who are engaged and motivated, which means new processes need to be set up/created for disengaged employees.

In order to maintain the company’s performance, it is necessary to prioritize new approaches that will both meet the manager and the team’s needs, and that will ensure a greater motivation among employees.

The process 

1. The team members &  the line manager answer online Motiva Team questionnaire (15 minutes)

  • Key motivations

  • Motivational satisfaction

  • Motivational Leadership 

  • Engagement​​

2. Team Workshop

  • Individual development guide for each participant

  • Motivational Leadership guide for the Manager

  • Team Motivation guide to be shared  between the team members and the manager

Individual development guide

Team Motivation guide 

Motivational Leadership Guide

Key points


  • Identify the motivational DNA within the team.

  • As each member of the team has their own motivations, Motiva will identify them to help implement the right approach for your team.

  • Develop performance by motivation: Motiva helps to bring out the solutions that can be used by everyone and collectively, which will enhance the team's performance.


  • Improve managers’ leadership: some behaviors may have a negative impact on team members. Motiva helps to improve the relationship between managers and team members. 

Theoretical concepts


Motivational Satisfaction

To what extent are the employee’s needs met in the workplace and to what extent is the job in line with what is important for him?


How committed to the company is the employee? How proud to work for his company is he? how inspired by his manager is he?

Motivational State

What type of relationship between the employee and their company can be observed?

Motivational Leadership

How should the manager behave to ensure the team members’ motivation and engagement

Motiva Team is a unique way to confront the real expectations of your team and then drive a collective roadmap "

Isabelle Lajoie, 

Head of Recruitment and Career Management
Human Resources Department - French Postal bank

"Unlike conventional methods, Motiva Team is a bottom-up approach that allows each user to build an individualized action plan and managers to build a collective action plan.The action plans are very concrete therefore applicable immediately. "

Carole Lignières, HR Business Partner IBFS, Société Generale Group

James Fernando, Chief of Staff of IBSF-DSI, Société Générale Group

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