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Motiva Talent

Recruitment, retention, internal mobility, talent development

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MOTIVA TALENT is a complete solution that has been designed for companies to increase HR processes efficiency. This process collects information such as employees’ motivations, interests, needs, values, skills or professional experiences that can be used for recruitment, internal mobility or talent development. It also allows companies to build projects in line with the employee’s aspirations.

Based on the latest scientific research on motivation and developed with the most updated technologies, Motiva talents is the best solution to the challenges that employers face nowadays. It allows companies to be more efficient regarding the following aspects:

  • Employer branding strategy

  • Employees’ level of motivation and engagement

  • Implementation of internal mobility programs (large scale, lower costs, etc.)

  • Job and development interviews

The process - Coaching based (Integration of companies’ specificities)

  • Customizing content: Adaptation of generic content to the needs of the company (multimedia content, links, documents, job descriptions, etc).

  • Automatic codification of companies’ jobs: Motiva allows them to create motivational job descriptions and to analyze proximities/deviations with employees/candidates profile.

  • Delivery

  • Coaching: the employee has the possibility to request support with a Motiva certified professional. These professionals can also lead workshops, particularly around the subject of career development.

The process - Self educational test (Interactive self-educational tests for employees and candidates)

Motiva helps employers to implement self-management practices with interactive tools for employees and candidates who can follow the following steps:

  • Take the Motiva questionnaire (15 to 20 min)

  • Get the chance to reflect on their professional career by watching tutorials, videos, and educational contents

  • Get to know themselves better and become aware of their motivations, interests, and needs at work

  • Compare their results to the companies’ culture and job opportunities

Key points


An online organizational career solution: self-service and/or accompanied by an HR professional


Dedicated spaces

  • Assessment questionnaires 

  • Immediate access to the results

  • Tutorials videos

The results for the employee/candidate

  • His/her actionable interests profile

  • Key motivations

  • Current level of motivational satisfaction

  • Alignment with more than 1000 professions (Motiva jobs list)

  • Alignment with the company’s jobs and in-depth comparison

  • Company styles

  • His/her motivational needs​

The results For HR/consultant

  • Key results

    • Profile of professional interests

    • Profile of actionable interests

    • Key motivations and motivational satisfaction level

  • Decision support

    • Alignment with Motiva jobs list

    • Alignment with company’s jobs

  • Going further

    • Company styles profile

    • Motivational needs profile

  • Reports (PDF)

    • Consultant/HR

    • Candidate

  • Motiva science (Global statistical results of the company)

    • Career Interests

      • Professional interests

      • Actionable interests

      • Orientation towards People/Objects-Data

    • Motivation

      • Key Motivations

      • Level of Motivational satisfaction and dimensions

      • Motivational needs

      • Motivational DNA

    • Leadership

      • Motivational leadership

      • Level of Motivational leadership satisfaction and dimensions

Motivational needs profile

Alignment with the company’s jobs and in-depth comparison

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