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Career success cannot be achieved without motivation

Digital and scientific solutions to integrate motivation into HR processes

"Successful companies have mostly motivated employees"

Guide pour développer la motivation et l'engagement au travail

"Successful employees have a job that motivates them"

The book describing Motiva’s theory was published in December 2015 by its founder Prof Zwi Segal & Yves Duron." 

It is time to  integrate motivation in your HR practices


Which Career For Me Professional

Career planning tool to make the right professional choices and build stimulating and fulfilling careers.

My Motivation

A solution dedicated to the improvement of individual and collective motivation.

Which Career For Me Student

Help people find a professional project that motivates them and interests them 

Motiva Upskilling

Improve your employee's existing skills ot bridge the gaps in your business

Job crafting

Remodel your job so that it better reflects your values, your needs and, above all, your motivations

The context


Over the last decades, our fast-changing society has strongly impacted employment and the way we work. Unfortunately, many people feel helpless and struggle with these changes.


Pressure for financial performance and economic profitability has also led to an increasing level of work-related stress.


In this context, it has become necessary to do something that we like and that we are interested in, not only to have a fluffing career but also to have the energy to develop new skills and explore new career paths.

Motiva’s Key Assets

More than 25 years of research and practice in the field of career coaching and psychological testing (the book describing Motiva’s theory was published in December 2015) by its founder Prof Zwi Segal & Yves Duron.

Instant online results for the consultant and the candidate on separated online spaces.​

A  proprietary smart computerized platform (Psycloud).

Uses generative AI

+ 2550 codified jobs in the database all linked to 5+ job description links 

Data security and confidentiality

Compatible with computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Highly accurate and reliable, scientifically tested (the new scientific manual of Motiva was published in February 2022).

Job database regularly updated with new emerging jobs and linked to ESCO database 

Ergonomic and intuitive user interface.

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