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Motiva Leadership 

Motivational leadership of managers

Download the presentation of Motiva Team/Leadesrhip

75% of employees leave their company because of their direct manager. This is why, regarding the motivation of the team, the role of the manager is key.

Motivational leadership brings together the managerial qualities (behaviors, actions, attitudes ...) that have an impact on the motivation and commitment of the team members.

The Motiva research team has identified the 8 dimensions of Motivational Leadership: Development, Exemplarity, Inspiration, Attention, Recognition, Team Spirit, Empowerment, Meaning.

2 types of use

1. Motivational Leadership Workshop for Managers

  • Online evaluation (8 to 10 minutes) of the motivational leadership of each manager by the members of his team

  • Collective work from the results of all teams of managers:

    • Degree of importance of the 24 Motivational Leadership behaviors for teams

    • Importance of Motivational Leadership Dimensions and Satisfaction Level

    • Overall Satisfaction of Motivational Leadership

    • Managerial behaviors to maintain

    • Managerial behaviors to improve

2. Managerial coaching

  • Working on the motivational state of the manager

    • Motivational state of the manager

    • Key motivations and motivational satisfaction

    • Satisfaction of key motivations

    • General level of engagement

    • Level of engagement by dimension and improvement tips

  • Work on Motivational Leadership of the Manager through its Motivational Leadership Guide

The 8 dimensions of Motivational Leadership

  • Exemplarity - Being a model for her/his team and honoring her/his commitments

  • Development - Giving feedback to help develop their team members’ skills

  • Inspiration - Giving positive energy and motivating outlooks to their team members

  • Empowerment - Giving team members more autonomy

  • Team spirit - fostering cohesion and sharing in the team

  • Meaningfulness - Bringing meaning to the tasks of his team members

  • Recognition - Knowing how to say thank you and give adequate recognition for their team members’ efforts

  • Attentiveness - Being attentive to the well being of team members

"The Motiva workshop allowed us to become aware of aspects of management to improve by strengthening our motivational leadership. We left the workshop with a clear idea of the actions to take. Thank you for Motiva's great expertise."  


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